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Jayswax ceramic car wax beads water like crazy and adds a long lasting deep shine,the ultimate car wax

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Gleemfreaks Nano coat exterior car bodywork sealant for extra added protection for paintwork, wheels and glass.

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What is a car paintwork sealant for ?

Are paint sealants different to car wax ?


Paint sealants are a synthetic car wax and they do the same job as standard car waxes ie protecting your cars paintwork finish however they added benefits of application.

Paint sealants are constructed from synthetic ingredients unlike natural waxes like Carnauba wax , the durability of paint sealants is extended to approximately 6 months.Paint sealants surface tension is reduced with paint sealants,although natural car wax does a great job in repelling water from paintwork,paint sealants bead water and grime much more efficiently allowing your car to staycleaner for longer longer, and it’s easier to maintain on future washes.


Car paintwork sealants vs car wax


Overall protection offered by paint sealants from UV damage, acid rain and industrial fallout is higher than offered by a traditional car wax. Paint sealants offer a different level of gloss, more a glass like reflectivity than the deep warm glow offered by a car wax, however paint sealants do excel in bringing out the flake in modern metallic/pearlescent finishes, leading them to be a popular choice with owners of silver vehicles.