Titanium exhaust wrap

Titanium exhaust wrap

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Direct from the Funk Performance Range, the Funk Cool Lava Rock Titanium Exhaust Wrap lowers and increases the output power of your engine.

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Funk Motorsport titanium exhaust wrap



Car titanium exhaust wrap and fibre glass exhaust wrap


These exhaust wraps are perfect for retaining heat in your exhaust, this is important because hot gases move faster than cold ones, therefore your exhaust will work more effectively, in some cases increasing horsepower.

Wrapping will also keep heat out of the engine bay, reducing under bonnet temparature which in turn reduces heat soak into other components,steering rack etc. Very important if you have an under bonet mounted air filter or induction kit.


Exhaust wrap for reducing engine bay temperatures and increasing performance


By using exhaust wrap you can increase the performance, efficiency and reliability of your engine. The exhaust wrap prevents exhaust pipes from cooling, keeping the exhaust gases at a higher temperature which increases the performance of your vehicle. The intake and exhaust gases move more quickly through the engine, which in turn increases the performance of your car as the faster the gases move, the more power you’ll receive.



Exhaust wrap will increase the reliability of your vehicle on track days


Another benefit of using the heat reflection wrap is that it will significantly reduce engine temperatures. Less under bonnet heat makes it to vital engine components increasing reliability on track days. Exhaust wrap serves as a thermal blanket which directs the heat out of the exhaust outlet rather than the sides of the pipe and into the engine.