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Bass Tubes To Take Your Playlist To The Next Level

Travelling in your car can be a lonely and dull experience without music, which is why Key Performance Parts has put together an extensive
range of car audio
products. From car subwoofers to amps, we’ve got you covered. Among our varied range are our bass tubes, which allow
you to fit a quality speaker into even the snuggest of spaces in your car. If you’re unsure of how a bass tube can fit into your car’s stereo setup, or you just want to find out more, read on to see the answers to the questions we get asked the most..

What’s A Bass Tube?

A bass tube is literally just a tube that holds a subwoofer and an amp. These quality solutions help you to spread the sound throughout
your car and fit your speaker into a tight spot. They enhance the sound of the bass in your music and make your tunes sound better.

Bass Tubes

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Do You Sell Different Sized Bass Tubes?

We certainly do! Each bass tube is designed to fit into yourcar no matter what size it is and deliver a quality surround-sound listening
experience. For example, our Terminator
360W 8" Active Sub Subwoofer Enclosure Box Car Bass Tube are designed to
take up minimal space while delivering maximum music.  

Is A Bass Tube Absolutely Necessary?

If you don’t particularly care about the music in your car, or you don’t spend a lot of time driving, then it might not be worth investing in a bass tube for your vehicle. Anyone who loves music, spends a lot of time in their car or is keen to make their lives more enjoyable, should definitely consider buying one.

Do Bass Tubes Come With Speakers And An Amp?

All of our bass tubes, including our MTX Road Thunder Bass Tube 12 Inch , come with an amp and subwoofer incorporated into
them, meaning that you can quickly install the solution and enjoy great music.

Does The Size Of The Surround Matter?

The larger the surround on your bass tube, the better the music will spread throughout your car. Our Bassface BASS8.1 8" 20cm 4 Ohm SVC Subwoofer & Bass Tube 400w RMS has a bigger surround to increase the extension of the bass sound throughout your
vehicle, making it perfect for larger cars where the subwoofer has to be placed at the back of car, far away from the driver.  

Do You Have Other Car Audio And Personalisation Options?

We have a whole section dedicated to car audio products, so that you can turn every journey into a fun-filled adventure. If you want to personalise your car and turn it into a truly unique reflection of your true self, then we also have a variety of car styling solutions, so you can make your car completely your own. Fancy more info? Contact us using the details at the top of the page and our experts will be happy to talk you through this solution and anything
else in the Key Performance Parts range.