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Car Subs Find The Perfect Subwoofer For Your Car

Travelling in your car, particularly for long periods of time, can be a lonely experience, so it’s understandable that many drivers choose to install impressive car speaker systems to give themselves an enjoyable, music-filled driving experience. Even when you’ve got a car full of passengers, it’s always fun to be able to turn up the tunes and listen to your favourite songs. At Key Performance Parts, we understand that many customers love to play their favourite tunes in your car, and as such we’ve gathered together a wide selection of speakers for car doors, parcel shelves and other areas of your vehicle.  

If you do not see a Car Subwoofer here we can most likely source something for your requirements please call us 01223 637835 or use our live chat at the bottom of the page to ask about availability.

Car Subs

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For those who really want to enhance the sounds their car speakers can make and create a great music experience for their journeys, subwoofers are a must. Read on to learn more about what subwoofers are and how they can enhance the music your car plays.

What Is A Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a type of speaker that can reach lower ranges, meaning that you can get a broader range of sound. It will give you a better base sound and help you hear the full range of sounds in your favourite music. We’ve got a wide range of subwoofers for your car, meaning that you can find the perfect option to suit you and make every journey feel like a party.

Why Do I Need A Sub For My Car?

Subwoofers are a great addition to your car speakers because they improve the sound quality of your music. If you don’t like playing songs while you’re driving, or you don’t travel far in your car, then they’re probably not necessary. However, if you’re a fan of taking long drives, you love playing your music loud or you’re thinking of going on a road trip, then a sub is the perfect addition to your car’s audio setup. It’ll make your music sound better and really enhance every aspect of its sound.

Do Different Subwoofers Work Better For Certain Types Of Music?

With subwoofers, it’s all about size. The size of the sub affects the way the depth of bass that it can produce. So, if you listen to fast dance music, with lots of bass and fast beats, then an 8 or 10 inch subwoofer, like the Kicker Audio CompC 8" Dual Voice Coil Car Subwoofer or the Kicker Audio CompC 10" Dual Voice Coil Car Subwoofer, is perfect for you.

If I Want To Listen To Music Across All Genres, What’sThe Best Sub For Me?

Those with varied music tastes have their pick of then subwoofers. The 12 inch sub is the most popular choice, and we have a selection of these on offer, such as the MTX Terminator 12" Subwoofer Cambridge, the JL Audio Award Winning 12 Inch Sub 300 W RMS and the Kicker Audio CompC 12" Dual Voice Coil Car Subwoofer. They’re great for R&B and most types of music, which is why they’re so popular with our customers. These incredible solutions are designed to distribute sound equally and give you a complete surround sound car music experience when combined withour other car audio solutions.

Are All Your Car Subwoofers Round?

No, because we’re committed to offering you choice, we’ve got a wide range of subs to suit every driver. Whilst the majority of our subwoofers are round, we’ve got a range of innovative square options such as the Kicker44L7R102 1200 Watt Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil 10 Inch Square L7R Subwoofer and the powerful MTX Terminator 12" Inch 30cm 600 watt peak Car Enclosed Subwoofer. We’re one of the few stockists in the UK to have the MTX Terminator enclosed speaker, meaning that you know you’re getting a unique solution that will give you peak performance at all times.

Is There Any Way I Can Make My Sub Sit Securely On MyParcel Shelf?

There sure is! The team at Key Performance Parts noticed that round car subwoofers might not be perfect for sitting on your car parcel shelf, so we’ve added two enclosures to our product offering. Our Terminator360W 8" Active Sub Subwoofer Enclosure Box Car Bass Tube gives you the chance to make your small subs sit neatly and securely in any crevice of your car, no matter how tight it might be. We also offer MDF Subwoofer Car Speaker Enclosures in various sizes, to give you the chance to make your round sub or any other speaker sit neatly on any surface in your car.

Can I Put My Sub Under My Car Seat?

You can, thanks to our MTX Road Thunder Underseat sub, which is specifically designed to fit neatly under your car’s seat. This makes for a discreet solution if you don’t want your sub to take up too much room in your car. Some of our smaller solutions, such as the MTX Road Thunder Active Sub, are also great for storing in small nooks in your car, so your sub isn’t obvious and ostentatious.

Do Car Subwoofers Run On Batteries?

Our car subwoofers are powered by your car’s battery, meaning that you won’t have to worry about them running out on long journeys. It’s really easy to install them and get the party started, but if you have any trouble you can contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through how to get your speakers playing the music you love the most.

How Many Subs Can I Use?

As many as you’d like! Generally, we’d recommend two subs, for either side of your car, although our subs are so powerful that they can give you a full surround sound experience with just one. We’ve also got a selection of dual voice coil subs, meaning that you’ll get double the projection of the sound from two separate coils mounted on the same cylinder. 

Still not certain which subwoofer is right for your car?

Feel free to contact us using the contact info at the top of the page- we’d love to talk to you about your car speaker setup!