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Car Wax Products To Keep Your Car In Showroom Condition
All Year Long

Your car is more than just a way to get from one place to the next: it’s an expression of your taste and individuality, which is why Key
Performance Parts is committed to helping motorists to maintain and customise their vehicles. Our popular car styling solutions
give you the chance to personalise your vehicle and make it look truly unique.

Car Wax Spray

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For the perfect finish touch, we also have a range of car wax products. From solid tubs of wax to convenient spray bottles, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to give your car a shiny, smooth finish. If you’re unsure of what solution is best for you, read on to find out more about car wax and how you can use it to give your car a sleek, stylish appearance that everyone will admire.

What Does Car Wax Do?

Car wax protects the paint on your car and gives it the shiny finish we all know and love. New cars are so shiny because they’ve never been driven outside before. The wax hasn’t been worn away by grit, rainwater and wind. When you’ve owned your car for a while, the glossy finish will fade, so you can rejuvenate it by using our wax products.

Which Is Better, Hard Or Spray Wax?

Spray and hard wax have different functions. Hard wax, like our Power
Maxed High Quality Show Car Wax, takes longer to apply but gives a strong
finish that will withstand anything. Spray wax, like our Alien Magic Argon Nano Carnauba Wax, is easy to use and spreads evenly, making it a great quick solution for topping up your wax every few months. It’s not as intensive a treatment as hard wax, but it will keep your car looking showroom fresh.

What Kind Of Wax Do You Offer?

Our waxes are Carnauba, which comes from the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera, a native plant grown exclusively in the North East of Brazil. Carnauba wax is renowned for providing a high-shine protective finish for any car.

What Kind Of Wax Do You Offer?

With our spray waxes, all you have to do is spray the product onto your car’s bodywork and then buff it in to a high-shine finish. If you’ve chosen hard wax, use a cloth to spread the wax across the body of your car, then buff it in with a cloth, taking time to make sure it is evenly spread.

Should I Clean My Car Before I Apply Wax?

Yes, always make sure your car is completely clean before you apply our wax products. This will ensure that you don’t rub dirt and grit into your car’s bodywork and potentially damage it. Once your car is completely clean and dry, you can apply the wax and use a cloth to buff it in to create a
protective sheen. We offer a range of car cleaning
products to help you prepare your car for its wax and create a beautiful vehicle that you’ll be proud to drive everywhere.  

Do You Sell Cloths For Buffing In Wax?

Even better, we give them away for free with our exterior wax products! Every customer that purchases one of our quality exterior wax solutions receives a complimentary luxury microfibre cloth, so you have all the tools at your disposal to create a beautiful finish on your car.

How Can I Soften Hard Wax?

Hard wax can be difficult to buff into your car, as it’s very solid. To soften the wax, warm up your car by running the engine for a few minutes and waxing your car inside a garage, so that you’re in a warm atmosphere. Rub the cloth against the surface of the wax a few times to melt the wax slightly and make it easier to buff into your car.

Can Wax Fix Scuffed Paintwork?

Most of our waxes are a mixture of natural wax, solvents, silicone fluids, other waxes and colorants. This means that they will condition your car’s bodywork and give it a shiny finish. Some, like our Alien
Magic Ultra Creme Carnauba Wax, are thick and allow you to buff away or hide minor imperfections. For major scratches and paintwork damage, you need to visit your local garage and have your car resprayed to restore it to its former

How Long Does The Wax Take To Dry?

That depends on the product you select. Hard wax, and some of our higher quality liquid products, take a long time to dry because they’re developing a solid protective layer, which will keep your car safe from dirt, dust and general grime. If you want a quick touch-up solution, we offer Moje Auto Quick Car Wax Spray, which dries down fast for a swift fix to any dullness, leaving your car looking sleek and shiny again in no time.

How Often Should I Wax My Car?

In general, you should wax your car every three to four months using one of our quality spray products, and then use a hard wax around twice a year to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. However, our spray waxes can be used more often than this, so if you have a function to attend or just want your car to look its best, you can use these products to achieve the glossy finish you want. You should never wax your car more than once a month, as you will simply be wasting the product and could damage your car’s exterior in the long term.

Is It Only My Bodywork That I Can Wax?

As well as our range of car body waxes, we also offer E-TECH Wheel
Wax, which allows you to buff your wheels to a high-shine finish and keep them protected from road dirt, brake dust and other abrasive grime that will hit them as you drive. This means that every aspect of your car can look great
when you use our range of quality products. Want to find out more about car wax and how it can benefit you? Contact us using the info at the top of the page - our friendly team love speaking to our customers about their cars!