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Car Heat Shield Key Performance Parts

Car Heat Shields To Keep Your Components Safe

At Key Performance Parts, we love to help dedicated motorists to personalise their cars, which is why we offer a wide range of car styling products. We’re also passionate about making sure that our customers drive safely and keep their cars in good condition, which is why we have a variety of performance car parts and car heat protection solutions.  One of the most important heat protection solutions we offer is our range of car heat shields. These protective products keep your vital car components safe from overheating.

Car Heat Shield

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If you’re unsure of what car heat shields you need, or if you need any at all, then read on to see the answers to the questions we getasked most about these important products.

What Is A Car Heat Shield?

Car heat shields stop the component parts of your car, such as the exhaust, air filter and bulk heads, from overheating. If these parts of your car get too hot, then they could damage your car or, even worse, catch on fire. As such, car heat shields are an important part of your car’s interior.We offer a selection of products to meet the needs of every car owner, so checkout our range.

Do I Definitely Need A Car Heat Shield?

It might be possible to drive without a car heat shield on your car exhaust; however, this could be dangerous, particularly if you drive a lot of miles or your car is old and prone to overheating. As such, it’s safer to install a car heat shield to keep your car components, and everyone involved, fully protected.

What Other Benefits Do Car Heat Shields Provide?

As well as stopping your car from setting on fire, your car heat shield can also improve the longevity of your car’s components, making it an important part of your car’s system. They also make the components of your car work more efficiently, meaning that you can quickly and easily boost your vehicle’sperformance.

Do You Offer A Car Heat Shield For My Exhaust?

Our E-TECH Embossed Alloy Heatshield Sheet is a flexible, heat reflective sheet that is designed to be perfect for your car’s exhaust or any other large area. The embossed heat shield sheets are 560mm x 407mm, meaning that they can be cut down to size to fit any car. They are also malleable, meaning that they can be bent or folded into place to produce the perfect fit for every vehicle.

Are These Car Heat Shields Heavy?

All of our car heat shields are lightweight and designed to give you maximum performance with minimal interference. They’re made from a single layer of aluminium sheet, but they can be folded over to give duel protection if you need extra heat reflection. Our products are such good quality that they’re perfect for performance cars and motorsports drivers, who need their vehicles to be in peak condition.

Is There A Car Heat Shield For My Air Filter?

Your air filter is a vital solution designed to keep your engine safe and running effectively, which is why we offer two car heat shields for this component. We have our E-TECH XL Size Universal fitting Air Filter Heat Reflector Shields, and, for smaller air filters, our E-TECHSmall Size Breather Car Universal Air Filter Induction Kit Heat Shields. Both products are made from stainless steel and designed to deflect hot airaway from your car’s engine, so that it can run effectively and give you many miles of driving fun.

Do You Have A Solution That Can Be Used In My EngineBlock?

We offer RAD Gold Thermal Heat Reflect Tape ,which can be used in your engine block to keep your vital components safe from the heat. It can also be used for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, under hoods, engine compartments, bulk heads, wrapping wires, fuel lines and transmission tunnels. It might be flexible and thin, but this heavy-duty product is capable of handling continual operating temperatures of up to 850 °F, or 450 °C. The tape reflects 80% of radiant heat, meaning that you can rest assured when you use it that your car will be safe.

Will Your Products Definitely Fit In My Car?

All of our products are designed to be used by anyone with any make and model of car. Our air filter heat shields come in large or small sizes, meaning that whatever the size of your air filter, you can find one that will protect it. Our heat shield sheets and heat reflecting tape can both be bent or cut to size, meaning that you can easily fit them on any part of your car that needs protecting from excess heat.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Car Heat Shield?

All of our car heat shield products are designed to last a lifetime, but there are many instances when you might need to replace them. For example, if you notice that your car exhaust heat shield is rattling, then that means that it is loose fitting, and you should consider replacing it with a fresh one to keep your car completely safe. Also, if you notice any parts of your car are getting exceptionally hot, or you see damage to your car heat shield, then you should replace it just to be on the safe side.

Can I Install My Own Car Heat Shield?

Key Performance Parts is committed to supporting amateur car modifiers, which is why all of our quality products can be installed at home with little instruction. If you do find yourself struggling, then feel free to contact our experts or take your car to a local garage.

Keeping your car’s components from overheating is an important part of ensuring that you, your passengers and other road users are safe.If you’re still unsure about the use of our car heat shields, use the contact details at the top of the page to reach out to one of our experienced team members. They’ll be more than happy to help you and discuss these products and more from our range.