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Car Heat Protection Solutions Include Exhaust Heat Wrap,Heat Reflect Tape

Car heat protection is vital for maintaining optimum performance for your car for both day to day road use and track days. Neglection of engine overheat is very common, mostly because people are so mad on gaining more power which leads to neglect of things like brakes and of course car engine overheat “ Big Mistake “

Prevent The Following Problems From Burning A Hole In Your Wallet

: Head gasket or other gasket failure.

: Melting of cables and components

: Head or manifold warpage

: Catastrophic damage can be seized or broken pistons, or a seized crankshaft.

Simple maintenance - Make sure you service your car by the book keeping the oil fresh and topped up with the correct oil is vital, Keeping the coolant at a respectable level is also just as important.

If you want to stand out from the crowd on track days or with your crew then wrap that exhaust in some Exhaust Heat Wrap.Using exhaust heat wrap can increase the performance of your engine. The exhaust heat wrap prevents exhaust tubes from cooling down, keeping the gases at the highest temperature,Keeping exhaust gases at higher temperatures increases the performance of the exhaust and also keeps the heat in the exhaust rather than in the engine bay.

Cover that intake tube with some Gold Heat Reflect Tape (Silver also looks great) this will ensure the coldest air is supplied to your intake for maximum performance or Put some Car Heat Shielding around that air filter and your vital components ie electrical cables which like to melt or protect your cold air feed from heat exposure.

A wide selection of car engine overheat solutions are available from us here at Keys Performance Parts,The aim is to reduce your engine temperature allowing you to push your car harder for longer increasing reliability by providing suitable heat protection.

Funk Motorsport are the UKs car heat protection specialists which means there products are top of the range and will not let you down on track day.

Car Heat Protection

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