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Car Styling Solutions To Make Any Vehicle Your Dream Car!

Buying a car in today’s market can be tough, especially when budget restrictions mean you can’t afford the make and model you’ve always
dreamed of. If you’re looking to modify your car and make it truly reflect your sense of style, read on to find the products that are perfect for

Car Styling

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My Headlights Are Looking Dull- What Can I Do?

Check out our E-Tech
Headlight Lamps & Tail Lights Clear Clarity Lens Restoration Compound Wax and E-TecRestored Headlight Clear Coat 200ml Protect Headlamp Lacquer, which together can get rid of the grime from your headlights and protect them from getting dirty again, meaning you can drive safely in times of poor visibility.

Can I Change The Colour Of My Headlights?

You certainly can! We offer a range of E-Tech Headlight Tints that come in 5 colours, so you can choose the one that goes best with your car’s colour scheme. Is It Only My Headlights I Can Colour? You can tint any of your lights, including your front head lamps, rear tail lights, side repeater lenses or fog lamps using our E-TECH Lens Tinting Kit. These creative kits come in 4 popular colours, meaning that you can completely personalise your car and make it your own.

How About My Car Wheels, Can I Paint Them?

Our range of E-TECHAlloy Wheel Paints mean that you can easily change the colour of your alloy wheels and give them the same stylish finish as the rest of your car. These paints are hardwearing, meaning they won’t get tarnished or chipped no matter where you drive and how many miles you cover. 

Can I Change The Sound My Car Makes Too?

As well as the appearance of your car, you can also alter the sound it makes using one of our Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips. There are loads of different styles of exhaust tip to choose from, so no matter what look you’re going for, you can enhance it with these quality products.

How Can I Modify My License Plate Without Buying A
Personalised One?

One easy way to make your license plates look sleek and
stylish is to put it in one of our


Number Plate Holders
. This creative solution comes in two classic styles:
black plastic or stainless steel, so you can really complete your car’s look.

Are There Any Other Car Modification Options?

There certainly are! Check out our full range on this page
and across our website to see a variety of safe, legal and easy-to-use
products. Happy styling!

Everyone who wants to personalise their car and make it
truly their own can find a product to do so from Key Performance Parts. If
you’ve got any questions or just want to talk to one of our experienced team
members about your plans, get in touch using the details at the top of our site.
We can tell you more about the car modification options that’ll suit you, so
get in touch to find out more!