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Quickly Give Your Car Wheels A Professional Finish With Our Car Wheel Paints!

Your car is a reflection of you as a person and your individual sense of style. As such, it’s great to be able to personalise your car and make it really your own. There are many ways you can do this, from using light tints to stainless steel exhaust tips. For those who want a more subtle, sleek look for their vehicle, then car wheel paints could be the perfect option. Our range of E-TECH Engineering car wheel paints allows you to quickly achieve a professional finish for your wheels that will make them look clean and presentable.If you’re interested in using this innovative spray paint technology to enhance your wheels but aren’t sure if it’s right for your car, then read on to find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

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Car Wheel Paint

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What Does Car Wheel Paint Do?

Car wheel paint makes your car look pristine and is formulated to improve the performance of your wheels by making them resistant to dirt such as brake dust, cleaning chemicals, road salt and general road grime. These paints are hard-wearing and chip resistant so that your car will look sleek and immaculate no matter where you drive it.

Does It Come In A Choice Of Colours?

It certainly does! At Key Performance Parts, we know that your car is your personal ride, so we’re keen to help you personalise it by offering the widest possible range of wheel paint colours. Our E-TECH Pro Alloy Wheel Paint comes in a choice of Chromium Bright Silver, Metallic Graphite, Bavarian Dark Anthracite and Metallic Midnight Black. For those who want even more colour choice, we also offer E-TECH Alloy Wheel Paint in 5 colour choices:  Metallic Silver, Technik Grey, Motorsport Black, Drift Gold and Competition White.

What Kind Of Wheels Can I Paint?

Our car wheel paints can be used on alloy wheels, which is the type of wheel used on most modern cars thanks to their enhanced performance and cost-effective nature. You can find some cars that have steel wheels, but most use alloys. If in doubt, speak to your garage or contact us and we’d be happy to help.  

Will These Wheel Paints Make My Car Look Neater?

Definitely! Our paints are designed to be tough and chip-free, meaning that your wheels look stunning long after they’ve been painted. If you do spot any small chips or nicks in your paint, then we offer E-Tech Wheel Touch Up Paint to get your wheels back looking presentable in no time. We also have a selection of additional products, such as our E-TECH Technik 2 in 1 Filler & Primer , for use before you paint your wheels, and our E-TECH Alloy Wheel Lacquer Cambridge, to give them a glossy finish. All of these solutions together will create a professional finish for your alloy wheels and make your car look the way you’ve always wanted it to. You could also use our Caliper Paint Kits to freshen up your calipers especially if you have gone to the trouble of removing your wheels to paint them already!

How Do I Prepare My Wheels Before Painting Them?

All surfaces need to be prepared before they’re painted, and your car wheels are no exception. Your wheels need to be clean before you apply our paints, so check out our range of car cleaning products . For example, our E-TECH High Performance Brake & Clutch Parts Cleaner Tins will clean these precision parts and leave your wheels thoroughly clean and fresh.

Should I Fill In Any Cracks In My Wheels Before I Start?

Yes! It’s important that you create a smooth surface for your paint to sit on, and that means filling in any cracks before you apply your paint. Any cracks or crevices need to be filled before you paint over them, so that the paint doesn’t accentuate the issue. Our E-Tech Alloy Wheel Repair Putty Filler Alloy Refurb Paste is perfect for filling in deep crevices and making your wheels look as good as new. For smaller cracks, try E-Tech Ultra Fine Surface Detailing Filler, which is designed to create a flawless base for your paint.

How Do I Get A Completely Smooth Surface Over DamagedWheels?

If you’ve had to do a lot of work to restore your wheels before painting, then you need to prime your wheel. Once you’ve cleaned and prepared the wheel, use our E-TECH Detailing Hand Held Sanding Kit to create a smooth, fresh surface that’s ready for painting. Then, use our E-TECH Technik Repaired Surface Primer to create a fresh base over which your paint can sit flat so that the result is a smooth, professional look.   

Why Is It Important That I Prepare My Wheels Before IPaint Them?

If you don’t clean, repair and prime your wheels properly before you paint them, then your paint will sit unevenly. You’ll be left with a sloppy, poor quality finish, so it’s worth the effort that you have to go through to prime your wheels so that you can get a quality finish. If you want to drive around with wheels that make you feel proud, then you need to prepare your wheels properly. Make sure that you follow the above steps, and if in doubt, reach out to us. Our team are always happy to help, so they can guide you through the process and show you the solutions you need to create a smooth, flawless finish for your wheels.

Can I Prepare, Prime And Paint My Wheels Myself?

Our products have been specifically designed for drivers who want to modify their car at home, so you can easily do this work yourself. If you struggle for any reason, then our team can teach you the correct way to use our products. Alternatively, you can talk to a professional mechanic, who will be able to help, although they will charge you for their support.

These questions should give you an insight into how to use our car wheel paints effectively, but if you have any more questions or just want to chat about sprucing up your vehicle, contact us using the information at the top of the page- we’d love to hear from you!