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Induction Kits

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Induction Kits Cambridgeshire

Should you be in need of induction kits in Ramsey, look no further, at Key Performance Parts we specialise and providing a selection of quality car induction kits. From our base in Ramsey, we have a large range of car and auto induction kits and products available which we also offer to customers across the UK from our online shop.

Induction kits are one of the most popular modifications for car tuning projects, engines that have been fitted with induction kits will see the power gains high up the RPM range Low end power can also be compromised, in small engines the effect of an induction kit will be a noticeable loss of low end power. If you’re car is going to be involved in race environments frequently, you may decide to use the top end of the RPM range all of the time, however fuel usage will be much higher. For more information about the induction kits that we offer in Cambridgeshire, contact our team today.

Induction Car Kits in Cambridgeshire

Induction kits are quickly becoming one of the most popular modifications in the car turning community, replacing the stock air filter with an induction kit can boost performance and unleash the full roar of your engine. Stock air filters are fitted in most cars and are designed to do two things at once, they tend to consist of a paper air filter that’s mounted inside an insulated air box, with the air filter stopping larger particles from entering the air intake of the engine, while the air box containing it serves the purpose of muffling any engine noise. Should you have any questions or queries regarding the induction kits we provide here at Key Performance Parts, simply contact our team today.

What does an Induction Kit do?

An induction kit is an air filter, most cars have air filters mounted onto an air box, these filters tend to be made from paper which will filter out the particles from the air and prevent them from getting into the engine. Airboxes are designed to reduce the noise of the engine and also have various vanes and angles cut to maximise the noise reduction. As the air won’t be flowing freely through the filter there’ll potentially be a loss of power due to the turbulence caused by the sound deadening. In order to make up for this loss of power, the air filter surface area will be a lot larger than the intake tubes, so manufacturers have closed the gap between, noise reduction and performance.

When it comes to cat turning noise reduction is generally the last thing on people’s minds. Swapping out the restrictive air box with an open filter helps to improve the flow of air into the engine and will fully realise the induction roar, a noise associated with tuners cars.

Induction Kits For Cars Get The Throaty Roar And Rapid Throttle Response

Vehicle specific induction kits for cars are designed to fit the vehicle without any modifications , long as you buy the right kit for the right car ( Always check the year range ) you will not need to worry about fitment. Remember if you are unsure how to fit these kits even with the instructions provided you should consult your mechanic, Usually an hours labour and its fitted.

These kits are designed and engineered to increase bhp , Increase throttle response and add a throaty roar to your engine performance gains are varied depending on the vehicle.All of the products for sale on our website are brand new and in the original packaging.If there is something you need by RamAir that we do not have listed we should be able to order it in, Call us or email to ask about availability.

Do induction kits always add power?

No, typically power gains are toward the top end of the RPM range and some engines may show a power loss, especially low down.

Are induction kits simple to fit?

Yes, they are fairly easy fit, it may involve cutting a pipe or two but most kits can be fitted in under 5 minutes with just a screwdriver.

Do induction kits add fuel to the economy?

They suck warm engine bay air which will use less fuel, so around town you may notice a slight improvement in MPG but the induction roar will promote a heavier driving style that negates this. Engines can be more efficient with induction kits as they pull more air in. This will mean that you get more power from your fuel but if you adjusted your driving style to use less throttle and settled for your previous power figures, you can get improved mpg induction kits.

Are all induction kits the same?

No they aren’t, here at Key Performance Parts we provide a range of induction kits so their quality and performance will vary. We recommend using filters that include a cotton gauze filtration system, some kits come with high flow air boxes and air intakes designed specifically for a car and these tend to outperform in comparison to basic filter kits.

Why should I fit an induction kit?

If you’re looking for more power then there are a range of other options available to you, however, it you’re looking for the induction ‘roar’ noise then we recommend fitting an induction kit.

Why choose Key Performance Parts today?

At Key Performance Parts we have a wide selection of induction kits available for our customers in Ramsey and will make sure that they’re suitable for a range of requirements. What’s more is that we also understand that sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision and decide exactly what it is that you need, especially when considered the type or brand of the car part. If you have any questions or queries regarding the car products and parts that we offer, please contact our team today, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Whatever your car part needs in Ramsey, we can help, based in the local area we provide and supply our induction kits across the UK and online and are known for their brilliant car supplies and services that we provide. For more information, feel free to call our team today should you require more information regarding the induction kits we provide in Ramsey.

For Induction Kits in Cambridgeshire, Key Performance Parts have you covered

Whatever your induction kits needs, we can help, we supply our performance car parts across Ramsey and online, you can trust Key Performance Parts as we’re known for the excellent supplies and service that we offer. For more information, feel free to contact our professional team today, they’ll be more than happy to go through any questions that you may have, as well as provide any information you may need to ensure you’ve made the right choice.