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Oil Breather Filters To Take The Pressure Off Your Engine

Cars are more than just modes of transport: they’re an expression of who you are. Key Performance Parts offers a variety of car styling, car cleaning and car audio products to help you to personalise your vehicle, but we also want you to be able to maintain your car. That’s why we also offer a range of replacement and enhancement solutions, like our oil breather filters. These quality products are important for taking the pressure off your engine and keeping it running for more miles.

Oil Breather Filters

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New to car maintenance? Unsure of what an oil breather
filter even is? We’ve got the answer to that question and more right here!

What Does An Oil Breather Filter Do?

Our oil breather filters relieve your car’s engine block of oil or air vapour. If you let this build up then it will put pressure on your engine, so our products release it into the atmosphere instead of feeding it back into the throttle body, causing a poor air and fuel mixture.

Why Is This Good For My Car?

By realising the air or oil into the atmosphere, our crankcase oil breather filters help to increase performance by creating a much cleaner air and oil mixture.

Do The Products Come With All The Items I Need To Fit

All of our oil breather filters come with a connector and fixing clip. You might need some basic tools to help you to reach the oil filter in your car, depending on where it’s located.

So I Can Install My Own Oil Breather Filter?

You can! Make sure you have the owner’s manual for your car to save you time exploring your engine. If you’re struggling, or you’re simply not feeling confident adjusting such a vital part of your car, feel free to call us or contact your local garage.

Will Your Products Fit Any Car?

We’ve got a selection of Oil Breather Filter Inlets, which means that they’ll fit almost any car engine. Our range goes from 8mm to 25mm and everything in between, meaning that you can find the perfect solution for your car.

Are They Made Of Quality Materials?

To ensure longevity and performance, we’ve selected only the highest possible quality oil breather filters. They have a chrome top and plated red cotton gauze, meaning that they’ll last and keep your engine working efficiently for many years.

Can I Protect My Oil Breather Filter From Being Damaged
By The Heat And Oil In My Engine?

Thanks to our E-TECH
Small Size Breather Car Universal Air Filter Induction Kit Heat Shield, you can deflect hot air from being sucked into your engine and allow cool air to pass through to the filter, meaning that it, and your engine, will both last longer and perform better.

If you’re still uncertain of the best product for you, get in touch. Use the information at the top of the website to reach one of our respected car maintenance and customisation experts, who’ll be happy to talk you through our product offering and help you to find the best solution for your vehicle.