Air Filters and Induction

Air Filters and Induction



Keys Performance Parts top tips for induction kit and air filter installation


Funk Motorsport 76 mm 3 inch air intake filter


(1) Aftermarket air intakes can improve a car's performance and sound.If installed properly they can even pay for themselves with the boost in MPG(Miles per gallon)


(2) You should drive to or park your car in an area that has plenty of space for you to move around the front and sides of your vehicle. You also require a good light source so that you can see what you are doing.


(3) Turn your vehicle off and before proceeding let the engine cool down as parts in the engine compartment can get very hot when the car is running you do not want to get burned.


(4) Disconnect the car battery start by removing the negative terminal (black or unmarked) and then remove the positive terminal (red).


(5) Locate the stock airbox housing and filter this should be easy to find. It will look like a large plastic tube running from the engine to a large plastic filter box.


(6) You may need to remove one or more air sensors (MAF) which feed information to the car's computer. These should always be handled carefully.


(7) Never discard the original air box and filter you may need this to return the car back to stock one day.


(8) You should follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions as to which piece to install first. Be sure to secure the intake with hose clamps where appropriate.


(9) Universal air filters should be an easy install just secure tightly and make sure you have purchased the right sized neck and silicone hose if required.


(10) If the intake easily strikes other objects in the engine bay,tighten the mountings until it is secure.


(11) Dont forget your cold air feed,The induction kit needs a good supply of cold air for maximum performance. A good place for the cold air feed to be installed is at the front of the bumper.


(12) Connect the battery terminals back up. You should attach the red (positive) terminal first. Next attach the black (negative/ground) terminal.