Car care products

Car care products


Effective car cleaning and car care products can take years off the paintwork.



Here at Keys Performance Parts we have a big passion for car cleaning as well as performance cars, this is why we unlike many other auto part stores we stock both a wide range of car care products and car cleaning products along with performance car parts and car thermal heat management solutions. Here you will find all the products you would need to compliment your car cleaning kit.



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 Funk Motorsport  Shiny garage  Alien Magic  Monstershine


 Jayswax  Cobra car care  GleemFreaks  Glimmermann


 Clinex Expert  Moje Auto




We stock car care products for every budget


We stock car cleaning products for every budget, we price the products on our website so they are what people would call cheap car cleaning products. In other words good car cleaning products at the best possible prices.




We only stock what we believe are the most effective car care products on the market


Here at Keys Performance Parts we believe we stock the most effective car care products. Meaning we have something for everyone, for example tyre dressing we stock this product in both spray and for the customers who like to apply with a brush.