Car cleaning Tips

Car cleaning Tips


Keys Performance Parts guide to cleaning your car - step by step


Our top 10 car cleaning tips for a showroom standard clean car


Car cleaning products


(1) Drive your car into the shade before you clean it,never clean your car in the direct sun light.



(2) A clean sponge with no grit attached is vital,always check a used sponge for grit trapped before and during use.



The two bucket rinse and wash method


(3) When your cleaning your car with a bucket never use the bottom of the bucket this is where the grit and mud like to live,all you will do is transfer it back onto the car and even risk danger of scratching the bodywork. There is a method called the two bucket wash method one bucket for water only (to rinse your rag or sponge) and the other bucket for your car shampoo (a wash the car bucket). We reccomend at least 20 litre capacity buckets for this method. Get two buckets even label them up ‘Rinse’ and ‘Wash’ with a marker and you are ready to go.



(4) Your vehicle needs to be taken care of in and out.The dashboard,rugs,carpet and handles need the same attention as the roof, alloy wheels or hub caps,bonnet and tyres.Take your time with the cleaning processes do not rush.



(5) Stiff brushes also loosen dirt from the carpets and upholstery making it easier to vacuum.



(6) Always use non acidic wheel cleaners. Acid-based cleaners can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit and they can damage wheels painted with color or clear coatings.



(7) Hand washing (sponge and bucket) gives you a chance to experience the tactile shape of your car, and it's also a great way to inspect and familiarize yourself with the cars' surfaces.



(8) It can take more than just one wash to get your paint clean. Bird droppings and pollutants settle on the paint and surfaces, after a while, can work there way through the wax and clear coatings into the color coat underneath. With your car still out of the sun, run your dry hand across the surface of the paint. If it feels rough, it needs to be cleaned again.



(9) The purpose of polishing your car is to smooth the surface of the paint, which will make it shine and help your car look new. Try to find one which contains wax which also protects the paint and restores colour.



(10) Your car had a new clear coat of wax when it left the factory, but that coat wears off over time and leaves the paint to fend for itself against the elements. That's where wax comes in either a paste wax or spray car wax will do the job but a great product on the market is quick wax, does what it says on the tin spray liberally and buff with a microfibre cloth apply 2 coats for a deeper protection.



Top selling car cleaning products


Gleemfreaks Jelly bean car shampoo

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GleemFreaks surge snow foam V2

GleemFreaks surge snow foam is a specially formulated vehicle wash, Which cleans without damaging vehicles £9.99