Car cleaning accessories

Car cleaning accessories


Effective car cleaning accessories for effortless car cleaning


There are many car cleaning and valeting accessories on the market but what ones do people actually need? We will run through some of them on the market and what there purpose is.


Microfibre car cloths for drying and detailing


Microfibre cloths - These have many purposes but there most popular use is for buffing up the paintwork with a wax or for wiping the interior plastics,they are most popular and an essential part of any car cleaners equipment because of there antistatic properties and the multi purpose uses they have.A good sized microfibre cloth is usually around 40 cm x 40 cm and they can be washed multiple times.


Microfibre drying towels for drying to a streak free finish


Microfibre drying towels - These have the same anti-static properties as microfibre cloths but a good quality microfibre drying towel will be much thicker and should be at least 60cm x 50cm these are perfect for drying your car and should comfortably dry a whole vehicle - providing a streak free finish.


Sponge - well what will you wash your car with if you do not have a sponge? Actually most car cleaners now do not use a sponge for a few reasons, such as:

  • car sponges are a scratch trap when cleaning your car you dip the sponge into your bucket and out again as you get lower down the bucket the dirt and grime you have removed starts to condense you put it back onto your sponge and smear it all over your car inevitably scratching the surface,However a grit guard for a bucket can help prevent this.
  • products like snow foam, wheel cleaner and insect remover sprays are designed to make life easire removing the need for a sponge. They are also completely ruined after 2-3 washes.

The cleaning process without a sponge would be:

  1. pre-wash blast with a jet washer
  2. coat with snow foam using a lance attachment leave this to dwell for 3-5 minutes
  3. spray the wheels with wheel cleaner and agitate with a soft brush
  4. spray some insect remover on the front of the car and wing mirrors again leave to dwell for 3 -5 minutes
  5. rinse with the jet washer.

Bucket - These are perfect for carrying your car cleaning stuff to your car from the garage saving you multiple trips,there obvious use is to store water and shampoo in. If you want to shampoo your car with a sponge bucket then a grit guard is a must. A popular method is to use 2 buckets 1 to wash and 1 to rinse.


Effective soft bristle wheel cleaning brushes


Wheel brushes - These are perfect used in conjunction with many of the wheel cleaning products on todays market simply spray and aggitate with the wheel brush then rinse off perfect everytime.


Tyre and trim detailing brushes


Soft brushes - These are used to apply vinyl, tyre and trim dressing a good quality soft wheel brush is ideal because they are gentle on your trim and tyres also allowing perfect accuracy with the various products that can be used with these.


Car upholstery brushes - These are used in conjuction with many of the car upholstery and car carpet cleaning products on todays market for your car simply spray leave to dwell scrub and let dry, please note some products may require a different process always read the bottle test on a small area first.


Car seat pet hair remover brushes


Pet hair remover brushes - These are normally small with a horizontal handle they attract the pet hair which is usually very stubborn these can be uses multiple times and cleaned many times.


Empty spray bottles - These are becoming ever more popular with the concentrated cleaning products on today's market. Add water to these and they're ready to use saving you money.