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Car shampoo



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Car shampoo with wax vs car shampoo without wax - which is best ?



Whats the point of modifying and styling your car if it looks filthy? A clean polished car is a must for any show car but before you even consider polishing or waxing your car you need to clean it .A good quality car shampoo should foam a lot and contain a wax it is worth paying a bit more for a car shampoo with wax in as this is the protective layer for your cars paintwork and will leave your car with a showroom shine and protect from harsh grit and grime on todays roads.There is no better way to familiarise yourself with your cars bodywork and shape than feeling it and hand washing with a clean grit free soapy sponge once you have lathered your baby up and scrubbed her good then just rinse off with a jet washer removing all of the bubbles for a streak free finish.



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Here at Keys Performance Parts we have a passion for a perfectly detailed car, which is why we stock a wide selection of car care products.There are a ever growing choice of car shampoo products on the market this leads to a headache with choosing the right car shampoo for you, when choosing the three most important descisions should be:


  1. Do i purchase car shampoo with wax?
  2. Do i purchase car shampoo without wax?
  3. Which car shampoo is the best value for money?


Car shampoo with wax in is an excellent choice because it contains car wax which means you can get away with applying car quick wax to your bodywork with just some minor detailing being required,but you will pay a slight premium for a good quality car shampoo with wax.If you enjoy waxing your car after washing your it then maybe car shampoo without wax is for you.


Highly concentrated cheap car shampoo


When purchasing car shampoo always look at the specifications for concentration level to see how many washes you are getting for your hard earned money. We as customers have an eye for a big bottle but because it is big does not mean it has a high concentration level so a cheaper smaller bottle can make just as many washes as a big bottle.


Why not try car snow foam for an effortless effective car wash


Snow foam is a highly effective pre washing agent this can be used to loosen dirt and grime for an effortless clean we think snow foam is best used in conjunction with car shampoo for the perfect wash.


Keys Performance Parts simple cleaning method for your cleaning a cars exterior


  1. Jet wash the cars exterior with a quick blast just to loosen any grit
  2. Cover the car in a generous layer of snow foam and leave to dwell
  3. While the snow foam is dwelling spray the wheels with car wheel cleaner
  4. Spray the bumper and wing mirrors with car insect remover spray
  5. Rinse the snow foam and car wheel cleaner with the jet washer
  6. Using the two bucket method wash the car
  7. Dry with microfibre towel
  8. Detail the windows with non smear car glass cleaner and microfibre cloth for glass
  9. Finish the car off with some quick wax spray and buff to perfection
  10. Apply tyre dressing for tyres
  11. Apply car vinyl and trim dressing to trims