Car fabric cleaning guide

Car fabric cleaning guide



Keys Performance Parts guide to cleaning car seats

Our top tips on cleaning car upholstery


You will require

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Car upholstery cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Micro fibre drying towel


Your car seats are used every day, and it’s imperative to keep them clean. Different types of car seats will require different treatment to suit the type of fabric. As some fabrics need special treatment you should consult the vehicle manual to see if the manufacturer gives any cleaning or maintenance advice,we will not be held liable for any damage caused on cleaning your cars upholstery this is a guide.


Also be sure to always read the label on your cleaning product to check it’s suitable for use on your type of seat fabric.Please see our step by step guide to cleaning car upholstery.



Tips to Clean Fabric Car Seats and restore them


Always remember to test any cleaning product on a small area of the cars upholstery first – this will ensure that no damage will be caused to the upholstery.


  1. First use your vacuum cleaner using the brush attachment to hoover up any debris from the seats and the car’s interior.
  2. Spray the cars seats with the upholstery cleaner and then thoroughly scrub each individual seat. Remember, don’t let your seat get too wet.
  3. Remove any excess cleaner with your microfibre cloth
  4. Repeat the last step for the best effect.




To clean your car's upholstery you will require