Alloy wheel cleaning

Alloy wheel cleaning


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How to clean your car wheels properly


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Cleaning your wheels and tyres guide


Car wheels are one of the hardest places to clean on a car as they are closest to the road at all times so they pick up the most dirt, also brake dust otherwise known as iron fallout from excessive braking builds up and can be really difficult to shift. We will go through what we believe is the most effective and easiest method of cleaning a cars wheels.


What is the best way to clean car wheels


The first step is to give the car wheels a blast with the jet washer to remove any loose dirt to prevent scratching because scrubbing surface dirt into the wheels will scratch and ruin the wheels.

Spray the cars wheels with effective wheel cleaning products


There are many wheel cleaner sprays on today's market. These have chemical properties designed to loosen brake dust and day to day grime from the wheels. Spray on the car wheels all in the grooves of the wheels and the lug nuts around the tyre valve etc and leave for a few minutes to dwell (this time will vary from product to product always follow instructions).




Using a soft wheel cleaning brush agitate (rough up) the wheel cleaner, leave for a few more minutes.




A good blast with a jet washer will remove the dirt and agitated wheel cleaner, your wheels should look like new.


Finishing touch


Dry off the car wheels and tyres with a microfibre cloth or drying towel. Pour some wet look tyre dressing into a small pot or aerosol can lid ,now using a soft brush apply a generous layer of tyre dressing to the tyres. A non flick tyre dressing is a good option so you do not get any on the bodywork. There are also wet look tyre sprays available with these just spray and with an old cloth cover the tyres.




How long did that take? Not long and don’t them car wheels look superb.

Why not try using snow foam as your pre washing method this will help loosen and shift stubborn grime before even applying a wheel cleaning product,if you are unsure to the benefits os now foam read our snow foam vs car shampoo article,


Top selling wheel cleaning products     


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Gleemfreaks Iron out iron fallout remover

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