Car engine cooling

Car engine cooling




Car engine cooling solutions are a must for racing cars and hard pushed engines



Keeping a car's engine bay cool is imperative for both day to day driving and especially track days and circuit racing.First lets set one myth straight car heat management will not increase the car's horsepower or performance but what it will do is maintain the car's optimum performance for longer.Engine temperature increase has been scientifically proven to decrease performance,reliability and decrease the life expectancy of your car.Prevent the above from happening with a wide variety of cooling modifications some simple and very cost effective others more complicated and expensive.We will run through some basic tips and methods to keep that engine bay cool while also having the benefit of a better looking engine bay, yes that's right heat management modifications can also be great engine bay dress up additions.


The most cost effective modifications include exhaust manifold heat wrap (normally a fibre glass, or high temperature tolerant material). Gold or silver reflective heat tape which comes on a roll in various lengths.



Car engine hoses and car electrical cables heat protection sleeve can improve engine component reliability


Other options include insulated heat protection sleeve which is available in different lengths and diameters, some items come in a long roll which you cut to length and either tape, cable tie or use jubilee clips to keep in place or other brands have velcro which are much easier option allowing you to wrap tightly around hoses and cables of different lengths and diameters whilst protecting vital components from heat exposure and looking great in the engine bay.



Titanium exhaust wrap is a very effective engine heat management product



Exhaust thermal heat wrap is a very popular option but can be expensive depending on the material cheaper options being made from fibre glass. The titanium exhast wrap is used to wrap around manifolds headers and the exhaust system, the main aim being to keep the heat in the exhaust and preventing it from the engine bay this will improve the performance of the exhaust system by giving the hot air and gas only one way out through the tailpipes, while also making the engine bay look great.



Titanium exhaust wrap installed


Exhaust wrap installed


Gold heat reflection tape applied


Cold air intake wrapped in Funk gold heat reflection tape