Exhaust wrap application

Exhaust wrap application



Titanium exhaust wrap



Are there any benefits from using exhaust wrap?


A popular question which is often asked in the automotive industry is are there any benefits of using exhaust wrap or is it just for aesthetic appeal. The answer to this questing is a resounding yes, there are massive benefits from using exhaust wrap on your car or motorbike this is why it is a hugely popular product on the market because it is a relatively cheap modification with fantastic results.


What are the benefits of titanium exhaust wrap?


Exhaust wraps are made to keep any heat in the header to improve useage of the cylinders. Trapping the heat in the header lets the exhaust gases flow faster, keeping the heat in the header is essential and also reduces the temperature in the engine bay which is crucial for maintaing optimum performance. But why should i buy titanium exhaust wrap? Titanium exhaust wrap is often more expensive than fibre glass exhaust wrap this is because titanium has a much higher temperature tolerance than fibre glass and therefore will provide better results.


What are the benefits of fibre glass exhaust wrap?


Is it worth buying glass fibre exhaust wrap? Yes absolutely, although it does not have as high temperature tolerance than titanium exhaust wrap it is still a vast improvement over no exhaust wrap and will improve exhaust gas circulation while keeping under the hood temperatures down. There will be a significant price difference between the two products, if you are taking your car on the track titanium exhaust wrap would be our recommendation, for street use fibre glass would be a great modification.



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How to install exhaust wrap video - PC or tablet only






Exhaust wrap for reducing engine bay temperatures and increasing performance


By using exhaust wrap you can increase the performance, efficiency and reliability of your engine. The exhaust wrap prevents exhaust pipes from cooling, keeping the exhaust gases at a higher temperature which increases the performance of your vehicle. The intake and exhaust gases move more quickly through the engine, which in turn increases the performance of your car as the faster the gases move, the more power you’ll receive.



Exhaust wrap will increase the reliability of your vehicle on track days


Another benefit of using the heat reflection wrap is that it will significantly reduce engine temperatures. Less under bonnet heat makes it to vital engine components increasing reliability on track days. Exhaust wrap serves as a thermal blanket which directs the heat out of the exhaust outlet rather than the sides of the pipe and into the engine.