Heat reflection tape

Heat reflection tape


Cold air intake wrapped in Funk gold heat reflection tape



What are the benefits of gold heat reflection tape


Funk Cool heat reflection tape is used to protect intake components and therefore lowering your intake temperatures. Lower intake temperatures create more efficiency in the combustion chamber and therefore a more powerful and more efficient engine running cycle. Funk cool gold heat reflection tape is for ensuring that delicate components such as fuel cells, ECUs, heat shields and bulkheads are working at their maximum without the chance of damage due to excessive heat.


But why Gold ? Why not any other reflective surface? Copper? Silver? Glass? Gold is scientifically proven to have the best reflective qualities and therefore reflects away the maximum levels of  heat. Funk Cool Gold Reflective Heat Tape is capable of reflecting away about 80% of all heat.


Funk Cool reflective gold heat tape is available in rolls

2.5m x 50mm
5.0m x 50mm
10m x 50mm


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Can i use gold heat reflection tape on all engine components?


A resounding yes, Gold heat reflection tape is perfect for wrapping and protecting vital components such as fuel cells, ECUs, heat shields and bulkheads.


What is the maximum temperature gold heat reflection tape can tolerate?


There are different gold heat reflection tape products on the market but we only stock Funk Motorsports gold and silver heat reflection tape which is proven to be one of the best products available, this product has a temperature tolerance of ambient and continuous temperatures of up to 450°C, while reflecting away 80% of radiant heat.


Is there a difference between silver heat reflection tape and gold engine tape?


Yes, gold has a higher temperature tolerance than silver, so gold is the better product but in most cases it is more expensive. Although silver has lower temperature tolerances than gold, some would argue that silver has a higher aesthetic appeal and it is certainly a more cost effective solution.