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Available car care and performance car parts manufacturers


Here you will be able to select your desired brand and find out a little bit about the manufacturers history and what services and products they provide,remember to check back with us on a regular bases as we are always adding to our range of proudtcs and available brands.


Clinex Expert large car cleaning products



We stock trade sized car cleaning products from Clinex Expert and more regular day to day sizes including interior car cleaning products,bio car shampoo,wax car shampoo,car quick wax,car plasticar interior,car cockpit shine and car leather seat cleaner.The unique selling point of these products is that they are larger bottles priced at the same level as smaller products from there competitors resulting in excellent quality products at incredible value for money.


Glimmermann car wax,car snow foam,car cleaning



We stock the full range of Glimmermann car Cleaning products including car quick waxcar snow foamcar air freshener spraycar dashboard shinecar screenwashcar glass cleaneriron fall out removerwet look car tyre shinecar vinyl and trim dressing.


Moje Auto car shampoo,car quick wax,car engine cleaner



We stock the full range of Moje Auto car cleaning products including car interior cleaning products,car shampoo and car wax,car quick wax,car insect remover,car alloy wheel cleaner,car glass cleaner,car gloss dashboard wipes,matte car dashboard wipes,stubborn car seat stain remover wipes,car upholstery cleaner,car leather cleaner,stain remover spray and glass wipes.


Funk Motorsport car thermal racing heat protection products



The Funk Motorsport Performance Range consists car thermal management solutions ranging from cable and hose protection,Gold Reflective Heat tape,Lava Rock Titanium Exhaust Wrap and much more browse the full range of products by clicking the link at the top of this page.


Alien Magic luxury car care products



Alien Magic decided to create there own range of high end car care products that concentrated on using the best ingredients that are not only cost effective but produce outstanding results without compromise. All there products are hand made in the uk using the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available on the market.

Alien Magic has now grown into a small but thriving family run business, there core targets have been exceeded and couldn't be happier with both the quality and feedback they have received and we are ecstatic to have there products available in our store  .


Jayswax car cleaning products



Here at Keys Performance Parts we only stock the highest quality car cleaning products.The Jayswax brand has something for every body with the snow foam and extremely high quality finish show car wax being the star of the show.We also supply gorgeous smelling car air freshener sprays and various car detailing products from non abarasive wheel cleaners to highly concentrated good value car shampoo all of which all have a unique and distinct fragrance.please note all though these products smell absolutely incredible they are NOT fit for human consumption or any animals.


Monstershine car care and cleaning products



Here at Keys Performance Parts we only stock what we believe are excellent car cleaning products .Monstershine car care products have every product required in the range and have been developed after countless hours of planning and developement.Monstershine Car Care was first established in 2014 by stocking wash mitts and accessories and quickly moved on to stocking the very best in valeting and detailing products so that there customers could go to them for everything they need for their vehicle.


Shiny garage car cleaning products



Shiny Garage was created in 2012 by a group of auto detailing passionates. These products have a very good price-quality ratio, which makes them stand out from the rest. Not only are there products efficient and affective, but they also give the user a sensual experience thanks to their surprising combination of colors and fragrances. Auto detailing passionates like to surround themselves with beautiful things, that is why they work hard to make every detail of the packaging pleasant to look at.


Cobra car care products



Cobra car care specialise in providing a wide range of high-quality, carefully selected Car Care, Cleaning and Detailing Products and Accessories based in Darlington.

The range of products from Cobra car care include: 

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Waffle weave cloths
  • Polishing cloths
  • Drying towels 
  • Wash mitts and gloves
  • Microfibre and Wax applicator pads
  • Detailing and alloy wheel brushes
  • Car shampoo
  • Car quick wax spray
  • Snow foam
  • Pre washing agent




Here at Keys Performance Parts we only stock top quality car cleaning products which is why we have added GleemFreaks to our range of available products.Gleemfreeks products provide the highest quality, bespoke detailing and car care products, from amature detailing products to professional car care products.These products are the perfect choice for cleaning your car to perfection and keeping up the reflection and protection of any cars bodywork.


OBP Motorsport


Obp Motorsports are established as a leading design/manufacturer of pedal boxes, hydraulic handbrakes, alloy products and many other motorsport parts.


obp products have been developed, designed, tested and manufactured at there factory based in the Motorsport Valley near Cambridge, England. So you can be assured of top quality products.