Tow hooks and tow straps are one of the most essential racing car parts


Tow Hooks and tow straps are used for track days if unfortunately your car breaks down so unfortunately they are one of the most essential racing car parts,tow straps and hooks also have a high aesthetical appeal and do look fantastic on a modified car we have a wide selection of colours to choose from these are suitable for up to 10,000 Lbs in towing weight.Please check the dimensions of your thread before purchasing one of these although they are universal they do not fit all cars.


Funk Motorsport tow straps and door pulls


Funk Motorsport tow straps and door pulls are a requirement for track days. They are manufactured from a lightweight polymer fabric with high quality stitching and then finished with a graphite chrome buckle for extra durability. Not only are they a vital safety component, they look sensational on both race cars and modified cars.


These straps can also be used as door pulls on stripped out race cars where conventional door handles have been removed to reduce weight.


These straps are MSA Approved to be used for Circuit Racing, Hill Climb events, Track Days, Rallying and Rally X.


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Funk motorsport door pull/tow strap

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