Cobra Venom Bite Pre-Wash Citrus Spray

Cobra Venom Bite Pre-Wash Citrus Spray

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Cobra venom pre washing agent to make hard work easy


Cobra Venom Bite is an innovative formula that restores your vehicle's gloss and shine and helps remove bugs, tree sap, road tar and grime from your vehicle. 

The innovative formula allows it to cling to vertical surfaces, allowing it to penetrate for longer and break down the dirt whilst providing a protective wax barrier after cleaning. 



Use neat and spray on using the spray bottle. Spray your vehicle prior to washing to help break down and remove the deposits from bugs/insects, tree sap, road tar and grime. 

For the best results use with a Bug and Tar Remover Pad to help agitate. 


500ml / 16.90fl.oz


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