Cobra Venom wax spray high quality


Cobra Venom wax spray high quality

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 Cobra venom wax leaves the ultimate protctive shine


A high-quality spray on protective car wax. 

Cobra Venom Wax provides a unbelievable protective wax coating on your car leaving it shining and reducing spotting when drying.

  • Promotes rapid drying after washing without streaking. 
  • Concentrated high-quality formulation.
  • Protects paintwork from oxidisation and UV light
  • Eliminates water spotting when drying

It can be used by hand by spraying and polishing or by spraying on and rinsing with a Pressure Washer. 

Always polish with a high-quality Microfibre Cloths or Wax Applicator Pads to get the maximum shine. 




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