Cobra Venom snow foam/car shampoo


Cobra Venom snow foam/car shampoo

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Cobra venom high foaming car shampoo/snow foam


A cherry snow foam car shampoo with a high-quality blend of ingredients. 

Cobra Venom Foam is high-foaming and fast acting for a perfect wash.

It can be used by hand or through a Pressure Washer and generates a high, rich foam which will clean quickly, thoroughly and efficiently leaving an amazing wax finish on your vehicle.

It can be used as an all round wash and wax for a fast wash or as a pre-wash before waxing. It's also non-caustic and safe on paintwork. 

To enhance the wax finish polish with a high quality Microfibre Cloth.


Add 3 capful's to a bucket of warm water, or 4 for a heavy clean. Wash with a mitt or cloth and rinse thoroughly with clean water then dry and polish. 

Add 1-2 capful's when using through a pressure washer.




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