Cobra Venom waterless car wash spray


Cobra Venom waterless car wash spray

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Cobra venom ultra waterless car wash and wax


A revolutionary waterless wash and wax spray, which cleans and protects your paintwork whilst leaving a wax coating that gives long lasting results.

Designed to safely and efficiently clean your vehicle without the need for water or shampoo.

It includes a high-quality blend of ingredients that emulsify and break down the dirt and grime. The perfect option when water cannot be used or a quick detail clean is required. 

Simply spray on and wipe off with a high-quality microfibre cloth and buff polish to finish.

Cobra Venom Ultra can be used on your entire vehicle from paintwork, glass, wheels, interior and exterior plastic. 

The high-quality formulation encourages water beading with great results on your glass windows!


Use neat and simply spray onto a dry car using the spray bottle and wipe off using a high-quality microfibre cloth. 

Then buff and polish using a clean cloth or polishing pad. Best used on a dry vehicle for a streak-free finish. 




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