Monstershine humpfrey the camel car drying towel


Monstershine humpfrey the camel car drying towel

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Huge microfibre drying towel drys any car with ease


Humpfrey the camel huge car drying towel 60 cm x 90 cm

Microfubre Drying Towels are an essential part of your wash process because of minerals contained in water. Leaving to air dry means the liquid will evaporate but leave small mineral deposits like calcium which are baked on causing water spots and streaks. 

To avoid this use Humpfrey (60x90cm) by placing on a panel slightly dampened and slide it across evenly and smoothly and see how well it works.

Use in conjunction with cherry bomb detailer for best results and keep some in the car with a shaggy edgeless cloth in case of water spots on the go.


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