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Alien Magic Ultra carnauba creme wax 250ml


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Alien magic Ultra Creme Carnauba Wax Adds A Showroom Shine

Why Ultra?

Ultra is a firm favourite amongst our master detailers, the emulsified formula is a very high quality Carnauba wax in crème form, this enables it to be used either by hand or with a machine polisher. Formulated from a unique blend of natural T1 Carnauba and synthetic polymers it provides a long lasting protective layer on any painted surface even after numerous maintenance washes.

Ultra creates a deep, lustrous, glossy shine and unrivalled protection against acid rain, dirt, road debris and harmful UV rays. Suited as the last stage protection for painted surfaces it repels water with its hydrophobic barrier, the thick formula, once cured creates a hard shell which can not be penetrated by dirt or grime for many months if washed with PH neutral shampoo.

Topped up with ARGON our unique spray wax after each maintenance wash interval, Ultra will give your vehicle the wow factor and protect your vehicle for as long as you desire.

Best applied in conditions of above 10 degrees Celsius, Ultra is great applied by hand using an applicator, allowing 2-6 mins curing time (temperature dependant) before buffing off with a short pile MF towel. If the temperature is a little cooler or you’d prefer to apply it with a machine polisher (which is our preferred method due to the heat generated by the machine itself) a cure time of as low as 45 seconds can easily achieve truly amazing results, once again buff off with a short pile MF to reveal outstanding “pop” in your paintwork with no fear of excess dust.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the deepest, wet gloss shine you could only dream of
  • Emulsified formula makes it ideal applied by hand or machine polisher
  • T1 Carnauba and Synthetic Polymer formula
  • Long lasting protection
  • Creates a hard shell to protect
  • Highly water repellent
  • Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Coupled with “Argon” it creates a formidable endless layer of shine, beading and protection
  • Pleasant neutral Scent

Car Care Advice

Ultra is our signature crème LSP (Last Stage Protection) it is the final product you would apply to your paintwork if wax was the direction you were aiming for.

Direction For Use

  • Apply a small amount to the applicator or foam finishing pad
  • Using circular motion work the crème into the paintwork
  • Allow to cure for between 30 seconds to 6mins depend on temperature and method
  • Buff using a clean, dry, short pile MF towel
  • Avoid using in direct sunlight to avoid premature drying out of product

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