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E-Tech Headlight Tint 6 Colour Choices

E-Tech Headlight Tint 6 Colour Choices

from £6.49

incl. VAT, plus delivery


E-TECH Lens Tint 6 Different Colours

The E-TECH Lens Tint has been developed as a complete light tinting solution for front head lamps, rear tail lights, side repeater lenses or fog lamps.

Available in 5different colours blue, green, Orange ,smoke and red and due to the lens tints special transparency properties they offer a simple legal solution to styling and customising your glass and plastic light lenses. The lens tint lightly colours the lens with minimal light distortion and reduction.

With the popularity of coloured light lenses on the increase this product has been developed as an inexpensive simple alternative for getting that smoked or coloured light lens.


  • Achieve an aggressive subtle styling with minimal light distortion and reduction
  • Ideal for cars, pick-ups, 4x4's and motorbikes
  • Creates a subtle styling upgrade for front, rear, side or fog light lenses
  • Quick and easy to apply and can be removed
  • MOT vehicle test passed (see packaging for details)
  • High gloss scratch and shock resistant finish
  • Resistant to petrol. U.V rays and weather conditions

Available in 5colours: Blue, Green, Orange Red And Smoke.


1. For best results ensure the light lens and the can are at room temperature before use (approx. 17°C to 21°C).

2. For best results apply in a warm, dry and dust free area.

3. The tint spray should not be applied in temperatures below 55°F (13°C) as this affects the performance of the product. If the temperature is below 55°F (13°C) you can warm the light lens using a hair dryer or by applying in a warm ventilated area.

4. *Prolonged UV exposure and weathering will damage plastic light lens surfaces, especially as the vehicle gets older. If the lens 0n your vehicle is damaged, oxidised, scratched or cracked, the lens tint may react with the exposed surface of the plastic lens. If the lens tint does react with the damaged surface, we recommend using a fine cutting compound and a buffing wheel to return the headlight back to a clear state. Any reputable body shop should be able to advise you how to do this, or look on-line.

5. C0MPATIBIIITY TEST - it is strongly recommended that a compatibility test is carried out by spraying a small amount of the tint spray 0n to an inconspicuous area similar to that which is going to be tinted to ensure that there is no reaction. If there is a negative reaction do not use this product.

6. Make sure you read and understand the warnings on the packaging and the spray can label before using.


1. Wash the light lens to remove all dirt and dust and dry thoroughly.

2. Clean the light lens surface using the surface cleaner sachet supplied, wiping around the area to be tinted in a single direction making sure you do not go over cleaned areas.

Important - The area must be completely free of all traces of oil, grease, wax, polish, dirt, dust and moisture.

3. Ensure the light lens surface is dry before any tint is applied and that the lens is not damaged in


4. Mask off the area surrounding the light lens to avoid overspray on to any adjacent panels.


1. Carefully remove the lid from the can levering the lid off using the slot provided.

2. Pull the spray nozzle off the can to reveal the plastic transport collar.

3. Carefully lever the collar from the can and then replace nozzle. The can is now able to propel the tint spray.

4. Make sure the contents of the can are not below a temperature of 55°F (13°C) before applying.


1. Shake can vigorously for 2-3 minutes.

2. Check the valve is operating properly with a short test spray before applying to the lens.

3. Hold the can 20-30cms from the lens surface and spray in alternate horizontal and vertical strokes to avoid sags and runs. Always apply the tint in thin layers.

4. If a second coat is required allow the tint to dry to a tacky film (approx. 5 minutes) and then apply the second coat.

5. Leave tint to dry for 24 hours before washing.